Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where to find Cheapest?

Book: Dirty Love 

Author: Sampurna Chattarji

About the book: This is a sequence of stories set in the restless swirl of a Bombay where dream-shuttles speed through the rain and men fall prey to dirty love. Reeking of sewers, fish markets, slaughtered meat, and peopled with loners, misfits and drifters, these tales prise open the surface of everyday existence. We encounter a mother inexplicably estranged from her infant son, an Insectboy with a gift for fantasy, Night Rat Killers who prowl through the dark depths of the metropolis, and umbrellas that find refuge in their very own heaven.

Gritty and surreal, tender and terrifying, these stories, together with the chorus of voices running through them, convey the energy and ennui that lie at the secret heart of modern urban life.

Source: Goodreads
Where to find cheapest?


Price: Rs. 218

Arushi Raj

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