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The Emblazoned Red

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Book Synopsis:

Once, in another world—a dark world, the world of Faetta—there lived paladins and pirates, tyrants and scallywags, vampires and the undead. In this world a revolution is brewing. The royalty of Sieunes are in chains, and those priests and paladins who follow the holy word of the gods are under attack. In the west, the kingdom of Kellerhald receives the fleeing priests in their temples of the paladins of Silvius, god of the Sky.

Here, a young woman has just passed her tests to become a paladin. A pirate crew raids along the Azez Sea. An undead creature, wielding great power, roams the graveyard of Yetta. And a lost soul, crying out from beyond the veil, seeks out a pure hearted warrior to hear its plea.

Amid the turmoil of the revolution, Ilka’s mettle is tested. Rescued by pirates, she ends up with an unlikely ally: the pirate captain himself. The newly trained paladin finds herself collaborating with the undead, working with a vampire, and worst of all, longing for revenge against the man who has ignited the revolution in Sieunes: Francois Mond...

Death of an Innocent. Rise of a Paladin.

Book One in the Trilogy of the Tyrant, a stand-alone series set fifteen years after the Trilogy of Shadows.

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About the author:

Dawn McCullough White is known for her strong female protagonists, and gritty dark fantasy.

Ms. McCullough-White has lived the majority of her life in and around Rochester, NY with a brief stint in Tucson, AZ. She is pursuing a degree in psychology at R.I.T. Dawn is a history buff and was a member of the Society of Creative Anachronism for years, active as a heavy weapons fighter. She currently resides with her husband and son in a quaint neighborhood next to an old cemetery.

Dark Fantasy series the "Trilogy of Shadows":

Cameo the Assassin
Cameo and the Highwayman
Cameo and the Vampire

Dark Fantasy series the "Trilogy of the Tyrant":

The Emblazoned Red

Short stories:

"The Ghastly Bath" The Gate 2: 13 Tales of Isolation and Despair

Follow the Author:

Book excerpt: The Emblazoned Red Augustine
"Beautiful Rhiannon ..." he sighed, and sank his fangs into her neck, pressing her body down onto the pile of dead flowers atop her son's grave. 
He had been following her around the streets of Lockenwood for a good month.  He had begun following the moment he had caught sight of her lithe body and her bright red hair.  Sometimes he'd sit on top of a roof and just watch as she shopped or left work at night.  As he got more daring, he'd slip inside the tavern where she worked, losing himself in the hot, dirty crowd within.  His cold, hard body was shoved along through the crowd: peasants, villains, beggars.  The poor and the evildoers all jam-packed within the smoke-stained tavern.  And there was Rhiannon, fetching swill for each of them.
All of his efforts in the last month were now at their end.  They reached the final climax with her death.

Augustine released her limp form and laid her down to rest with her dead baby, and then he sighed because it had come too soon.  He had been longing to talk to her, that's where this generally went.  He wanted to get to know her a little before her inevitable death.  Wanted to know who she was, what she thought, and what she thought of him.  Perhaps he could've eased her sorrows for a time ... but then, of course, the lust for her blood would've gotten the better of him, and he'd have had to kill her.  But still, this was basically a wasted month.  

My Review:

Author: Dawn McCullough-White
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
My rating: 3.5/5

I am a sucker for beautiful cover pages. I know people say that the biggest tool a writer have is his/her words but never underestimate the influence of a perfect cover on one's psyche. Art can convey things that words cannot. Which I why I give serious consideration to cover of a book. That and the fact pretty covers look pretty in my libraries. So it wasn't a surprise when I spent first five minutes just gawking at the cover trying to decipher what lies ahead. A gorgeous blonde in a nice Narnia-ish clothes and surrounding under the caps: 
Death of an Innocent
Rise of a Paladin
First thing I did was boot up my laptop to find what the hell a Paladin was, this is what I got: 

The paladins, sometimes known as the Twelve Peers, were the foremost warriors of Charlemagne's court, according to the literary cycle known as the Matter of France.[1] They first appear in the early chansons de geste such as The Song of Roland, where they represent Christian valor against the Saracen hordes. The paladins and their associated exploits are largely later fictional inventions, with some basis on historical Frankishretainers of the 8th century and events such as the Battle of Roncevaux Pass and the confrontation of the Frankish Empire with Umayyad Al-Andalus in the Marca Hispanica.

Thank you Wikipedia, you rock!

I guessed I was dealing with some sort divine war of world stuff. Death of an innocent means innocence of the Blondie and  how she goes through life altering tragedy maybe and rose from ashes as a fearsome Paladin. (That did happened so Yay!)

But as I started reading I meet this Elegant-in-a-blood-chilling-manner Vampire - very Anne Rice - and I am like "Oh, its one of the Vampire Romance, silly me!" And then BANG! My cover fantasy is back. Cruel blood thirsty crowd (not vampires, human crowd) killing priests and innocent children and Blondie's love of life. In short just another day of Game of Thrones world. With the snap of the fingers we are in Pirates of Caribbean. A pirate discovers our broke Blondie (who fell from the cliff while hacking some limbs) and transfers her in sturdy Captain's cabin and these are just first 10 pages of the book. Phew!

This book is literally a "Bhel-Puri" of all the fantasy worlds out there. (i.e. it's a mixture of various fantasies). Our Blondie is strong and fierce who doesn't fidget or wait to be saved (Thank God or more accurately Thank you author).  Its quite unique and refreshing book even though its roots are in well established world of fiction. What else can I say? Read the DAMN thing :-)

Arushi Raj

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