Sunday, 20 October 2013

Saving Rain (Rain Trilogy #1)

Author: Karen-Anne Stewart
Characters: Raina, Kas Pierce
Genre: Romance, Suspence
My Rating: 4/5

Note: Rain Trilogy is for audience who are 18 or older.

Raina is an amazing young woman, Computer genius and fluent in multiple Languages. She is balancing her doctorate along with her work with FBI at a very young age of 19. But she has a screwed up past of physical and emotional abuse. She meets Kas aka Agent Pierce. Gorgeous, strong and reliable. Even though in past the men in her life had failed and abused her, she is not scared of Kas, at least not physically. The emotions he ignites within her is definitely scary in its intensity.

Usually - as a reader - you attach yourself with a character who is similar to you but even though Raina and I have some very diverse principles and ideologies, I couldn't help but gravitate towards her. Mostly, especially in YA, the author describes the lead heroine as someone so friendly that people just can't help but love her but all you feel is "Give me a break!". Raina is the first Protagonist that I have came across who have all the YA goody two shoes traits - helpful, thinking of others before her, everyone loves her, etc. but she doesn't come across as a pathetic shallow drama-queen. You too fell in love with her. You too want to protect her.

As for Kas - *Sigh*

After a very long time I have stumbled on a book that have kept me up whole night. There are some situations which are kinda vague and more explanations or details would have been better but still its a good book.

Arushi Raj

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