Sunday, 19 January 2014

Legacy of a Dreamer

Author: Allie Jean
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Supernatural
Rating: 4/5

I know over time we have all gotten accustomed to Bad Good protagonists especially when the book has supernatural element but this book takes us back to basics - a strong and kind "Dreamer" and her Sword Yielding son of a Fallen Angel who looks after her. The book did have some violent and macabre scenes but they were more like dark classic paintings than sickening and gut wrenching depictions hence I didn't mark this for adult only. Well that and because I believe that there are many teenagers out there who can truly connect with the book.

The writer did a wonderful job in bringing the words to life. Chantal had a crappy childhood and then a crappy adolescence in foster care. Now she is eighteen and out in the big wide world and she determined to make something of herself. In a way she is lucky, not every foster child gets scholarship in NYU but the fact that she is haunted by gory nightmares and is living in shady neighbourhood doesn't really feel all-that-lucky. No worries, there is a hot guy who is very kind and very tough who is gonna take care of her, after all it's a Romance Novel.

Since the book does deal with angels it shouldn't be a surprise that Bible, Holy Spirit, Priests and Nuns are involved. I am an Atheist but I do find religious backdrops in the story very interesting until and unless it's preachy. However there might be readers out there who don't like religion in fiction or don't like to read fictions dealing with religions other than theirs. So if you are one of them you can very well avoid this book though it is a great read and I will strongly recommend giving it a try.

I found the idea really unique and thankfully it was executed well. Creatures coming out of shadows may sound like a child's nightmare but my, my, it will make even grownups looking apprehensively at shadows. I am just rambling but one of the evil-knievel after Chantal's life is Damon. I just cannot hate anyone with the name Damon nor can any other TVD fan so even though I didn't really fell in love with him but I so couldn't hate him. If any other reader has an issue of not being able to hate someone who is hunting the protagonist, there is nothing wrong with you, blame TVD.

Arushi Raj


  1. Awesome! Thanks for reading and reviewing. Book two is available now :D