Sunday, 19 January 2014

My top 10 Kas

1. Gabriel Macht
Harvey of Suits can really wear a Suit. His cocky attitude and boyish smile is one of the many reason why people can't avert their eyes from screen. He is 41, vegetarian, practices green living and is married.

2. Ian Harding
Mr. Fitz of Pretty Little Liar is currently ruling every teens' heart. He is 27, very close to Kas' age and is originally from Germany. As of now he is supposedly single, hard to believe but *shrugging*

3. Josh Duhamel
Fergie's husband. He is 41 and a Roman Catholic, very close to Kas' faith. He is of French-Canadian, Irish, English, German and Norwegian ancestry. He is the reason why I watched Las Vegas for 5 years!

4. Jensen Ackles
The Bad Boy, tough Hunter of Supernatural. He is 35 and married and his eyes will make your heart melt!

5. Jackson Hurst
Just 3 episodes. That's all it took. 3 episodes of Unforgettable and I was literally begging to let him be in the series as one of the leads but sadly it didn't happen. He is 34 and engaged.

6. Imran Khan
He is Indian American, 31 and married. He is one of the most good looking, popular and stylish celebrity of India and is also a social activist.

7. Leandro Lima
He is a Brazilian model turned actor who is starring in a Brazilian soap opera. I can't find any other info on him but he is one of the most delicious Kas contender.

8. Lucas Bryant
Nathan of Haven is charming and Oh-so-cute! He is 35, Canadian-American and married.

9. Torrance Coombs 
He is 30, Canadian and Single who too was in Haven but only for one episode but is more popularly remembered for his role in The Tudors.

10. Adam Levine
The lead Singer of Maroon 5 and amazing musician and singer. Why is he on the list aside from the fact he is the sexiest man alive 2013? Because he acted in American Horror Story: Asylum. So technically he can be considered for casting. He is 34 and engaged.

Arushi Raj


  1. Soooo loving this! I go for number 3, please ;). Josh Duhamel and Henry Cavill are my top picks for Kas.

    1. How did I miss "Man of Steel"? He will make a very compelling Kas but Josh Duhamel is so Kas-y. I can totally imagine him taking down bad guys and making toasts in kitchen. Swoon!