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Side Effects

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Julia Bramer

Book Description
 September 21, 2013

"Her sweetness seeps into his soul and the ground shifts beneath him again, his primal need for her bubbling and boiling to the surface, and he makes a decision that will change his life forever, sure it’s a side effect of the Vitamin D treatment because he would never have contemplated the drastic move before it." 
The steamy tale continues as Jed and Olivia are forced to flee the country and their relationship heats up and takes an unexpected turn. From Jamaica to Brazil to New York, their journey is packed with surprising twists, dark revelations and more erotic encounters, and Jed’s decadent past tests their love and one secret will remain buried forever. 

Strong sexual content.


Jed waits for her in their bedroom, running his hands through his hair and pacing anxiously.  He has a lot to do and ticks through the list in his head, but when Olivia enters the room, peeking shyly at him with those beguiling green eyes, he is overcome by a primitive desire–an overpowering need–and he wants to fuck her–hard, his cock hardening with anticipation.  He decides the plan can wait, turns on the TV, sets the volume low and approaches her slowly.
“Olivia,” he murmurs, backing her against the wall and sniffing her hair.  “You’re so beautiful…”

Olivia’s pulse races and she locks eyes with him–dark chocolate magic–and her insides tense.
“I want to fuck you,” he whispers, his lips grazing hers.  “Can you be quiet?  Can you be absolutely silent?”
Her brows crease, doubting that’s possible, and he braces his hands on the wall and pins her to it.

“If you moan and groan and grunt, I won’t fuck you,” he warns silkily.
She wriggles against him and protests, “I don’t grunt.”
He snorts and arches a brow, planting a gentle kiss on her nose.  “Okay, you don’t grunt,” he says softly, smiling his rare, dazzling spine-tingling smile.
Olivia trembles and every sinew below her waist aches with want.  She wraps her arms around his neck and her lips seek his, but he pulls back and his dark eyes scorch into her.

“Can you do it, Olivia?  Can you be quiet?” he breathes huskily.
Olivia nods robotically, mesmerized by the wicked gleam in his eyes, and he cups her face, kisses her soundly and grinds the hard bulge beneath his jeans against her.  She suppresses a moan, but as his velvety tongue explores her mouth and his warm hands slip under the robe and burnish her flesh, caressing her breasts and tormenting her nipples, she doesn’t know if she can keep her promise.




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About Julia Bramer:

Julia Bramer is the former Executive Director of a charitable foundation in Colorado.  She has traveled the world with her husband seeking an understanding of different cultures and gathering stories. 
For many years, she has dreamed of writing tales that capture the imagination of people around the globe.  She’s the author of the contemporary erotic romance novels “The Vitamin D Treatment” and “Side Effects: The Vitamin D Treatment Finale”.

Author Interview, Dream cast, playlist etc. are already posted in the promo of The Vitamin D Treatment


Rating: 3/5

The deal with series is, if you like the first book, you will love the whole series but if you didn't hit off with the plot or characters or the story in general then nothing can save it for you. Even though the second book is better than first, I still couldn't connect with the characters.
Jed came off as a whiny boy in the first series who wants what he wants and even after the "Vitamin D Treatment" when he is supposed to have become "a better person" he is still the same "why can't she change her plans for me", "why does she have to talk about it" and "I am smitten by her because she is precious". This wouldn't have been so annoying if he wasn't self contradicting. He wants a self-assured person who does everything he says. He wants to have an honest relationship as long as she keeps her mouth shut. And though he was tripping over Olivia's innocence and calling her ex a jerk, he is worse. He has absolutely zero respect or even basic decency when it comes to women. Everyone is an obstacle, annoyance, plastic, needy, etc. He dismissed one of his ex who was in love with him as a woman who only thinks about sex. a) If she only thought about sex, she wouldn't have wanted a relationship with him. b) How can he judge a person even if that was true. All in all, I wanted to shoot him or bludgeon him to death. Ergo, I wasn't really able to support them in their "love quest". Especially because of the way Jed handled the situations regarding Ben.
As for Olivia, I think she was either over emotional, over innocent, over horny, over self sacrificing, over self centered, over self sufficient, over needy and it goes on and on.
There wasn't much of a plot just that the totally in love couple had to face obstacles which test their love. I didn't really like any of the characters and the book was pretty cliche, hence, 3/5.

Arushi Raj