Thursday, 16 January 2014

The importance of a systematic approach to marketing

The importance of a systematic approach to marketing
Author of “Marketing as a Business System”

Marketing has long been valued as a critical part of a company’s operation. However, many companies treat marketing as a simple functional unit, akin to human resources, accounting or purchasing. While marketing definitely is a function in the traditional sense, in 2013, the most competitive companies realize that a company-wide approach to marketing is necessary to satisfy demanding customers.
Marketing as a Business System” is an eBook that presents the case for getting all departments and employees involved in the process of acquiring and keeping customers. A complete marketing process begins with market research, and continues through solution development, promotion, customer service and relationship management.
Marketing as a Business System” is intended to serve as a guide book to all of the key elements and roles in a systematic marketing approach. It touches on important areas of consideration if for organizations that operate with a customer-centric mentality.
Technology has definitely changed the way in which companies attract and retain customers. Guess work and hunches may still have a place, but data analysis and computer-based guidance on targeting the right customers in the right way is the essence of 21st century marketing.

With more companies competing for a select group of customers, your ability to attract, satisfy and retain customers is not only important, but necessary for long-term profitability and customer loyalty.

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Arushi Raj

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