Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ash to Steele

Author: Karen-Anne Stewart
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4/5

Note: If you are not 18+ then you can't read this one. Tough Luck!

I am guilty of judging books by cover and title because I like pretty and mysterious or sassy looking books on my shelf. Sue me! So as far as Ash to Steele cover is concerned - OMG!The guy in the cover is so, so, so, so GORGEOUS! *Sigh* To top it off the title is Ash to Steele. It's pretty hard to resist this one.

Back to the story, which is sorta cliche, we have a bad guy and when I say bad guy I mean the total package - Ruggedly handsome, tattoos, bike and definitely can fight. Enters innocent Emma. Kind and sweet and a preacher's daughter. The usual.

What distinguishes the story of Breck and Emma is the balance in characters, story and writing. 

Breck is broken and hence acts like a jerk to disguise that but even before meeting Emma he had a caring and protective side towards his friends. Emma might be a preacher's daughter but she doesn't goes around trying to "save people's soul". She is strong, independent and smart.

Which brings me to balance in story. The religious aspect of the story could have easily overpowered the book but as was the case in Rain trilogy, Karen-Anne Stewart kept religion in background. Similarly the "graphic sex scenes" which seems to be a trend after the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" could have dominated the book but again Karen-Anne Stewart kept story above all. The focus always remained love and healing process which seems to be a recurring theme in her work.

Last but definitely the most important, the writing. There are some readers who while reading erotic romances just read the sex scenes and skips the rest while other readers skips the sex scenes in order to find some story, some thread of events, anything to make sense of the plot. The writing in 'Ash to Steele' is so engrossing and the way one event smoothly make way for another, there is not a single moment when you feel like skipping pages. It's good writing and easy read, something which is becoming increasingly hard to come across. This one is definitely a must read.

Arushi Raj


  1. I appreciate you reading and reviewing Ash to Steele, Arushi! I'm happy you enjoyed Breck and Emma's story :).