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Journeys of Wonder

Sunday is over, again. But no worries. Lets start the week with Journeys of Wonder Vol. 1, 2 & 3.


1) Do you believe that writing is about "Inspiration and not perspiration"?
We believe that successful writing is a mixture of talent, hard work, and luck. While inspiration plays a huge part, without the hard work almost no progress can be made. We have witnessed so many writers, including those published in Journeys of Wonder, grow their careers and their writing ability through hard work.

2) Which force drives you, motivates you to push yourself harder and farther?
We're in an interesting scenario where our success benefits not only ourselves, but our authors as well. We strive to put high quality stories out on the market in a professional manner. It's our duty to provide this to the authors who have trusted us with their work. This is what drives us the most.

3) Is writing your goal, passion or just a hobby?
All three. Every time Ian writes a story or Fuzzbom publishes one, we're trying to grow in some way, which makes writing our goal. But we wouldn't be doing it if we didn't have a passion for it - and sometimes, we just have to step back and look at it like a hobby - because that's often the way to make it the most fun.

4) What are your best and worst experiences in Publication Industry? 
Rejection - both receiving it ourselves and handing it out to people who have submitted to Journeys of Wonder. As hard as it is to receive a rejection letter, it feels even worse to send one to someone else. Sadly, we're a small operation and can only accept so many stories.

5) Who is your ultimate guide?
From a writing standpoint, we have been big fans of Christopher Vogler's The Writer's Journey. In our opinion, this may be the single best writing resource any aspiring author can read.

6) Do you believe that every writer needs a "Day Job"?
Each person is different. Some need a full time day job to pay the bills (like us), and some have writing as their full-time day job. Each person needs to do what is most comfortable for them

Genre:  Adult Speculative Fiction


Journeys of Wonder is a new anthology of genre fiction. We’ve assembled three talented writers to bring you five chilling tales that are guaranteed to keep you up at night – or at least make you turn on the lights. 

Featured in the First Volume:

The Door: Six people are stuck in a room with no memory of how they got there while a fear of the unknown keeps them from opening the only exit they have.

Blackout: A terrifying tale of a young woman whose memory is shattered and a creepy neighbor who is not all that he seems.

Infinity: Two brothers, forced to travel through time to save the world from an unspeakable evil, have little idea of what they have actually gotten themselves into.

Eye of the Wolf: A young girl struggles against the power of the full moon as she tries to hide her deadly secret from her family.

Afterdeath: In a future where our journey beyond death is no longer a mystery, the promise of eternal love waits, unless you break the rules.

Author Links:

Featured in the Second Volume:

CAL: A young man challenges his father after falling in love with a cybernetic life form.

The Terrible, Perfect Duet: Cicadas, insomnia, and high school. What could possibly be more horrifying?

Helios: As humanity flees the wrath of Earth's dying Sun, a daughter's quest to claim her birthright jeopardizes the chance to escape.

Encrypted: Spies. Codes. Murder. A thriller about a man on the run – hiding a secret that others would kill for.

Lighting the Sacred Way: Set during the time of the Roman Empire, a woman tries to vanquish the evil spirit residing within her. One that arrived on the day her husband was murdered.

Author Links:

Featured in this volume are:

Tooth and Nail, by Trysta A. Bissett:  "I yanked off my last remaining fingernail, crying out. My ragged toothless gums, my bruised fingertips, the calloused ends of my toes ached in response. There was nothing left to give. This would be the last time."

Downstage, by Leslie S. Rose:  "I would sell my soul to the hot angel of freakin’ death to have Bonita back here next to me in the dark. Another chance to push her. I’ll show her real acting when I weep and scream as she drops."

The Edge of Insanity, by Ian Kezsbom:  "We tried to fight, but how can you fight something with no form, with no body? We tried to run, but there was nowhere to go. All we could do was hide."

Skin on Skin, by Lisa Gail Green:  "A split second to him becomes a lifetime for me. The first thing that comes clear is the rage. Intense. Consuming. My body shakes with it. My vision blurs."

Transformations, by Martina A. Boone:  "The more he considered the odd shafts of light, the more he was sure it wasn't coincidence that he was seeing them on the equinox. And if that was the case, they meant something. Pointed to something."

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Fuzzbom Publishing Profile
Fuzzbom Publishing was started by Ian Kezsbom and his wife, Deborah Pasachoff. Their first books were the Journeys of Wonders anthologies, which came to life with the help of their writing partners Lisa Gail Green and Leslie S. Rose. Their first novel, The Binding Stone by Lisa Gail Green – a YA Paranormal, was published this past year to excellent reviews (
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