Saturday, 12 July 2014


Author: Scott Spotson
Rating: 2/5

"I gotta stop counting all my strokes. It's making me positively anal." This is how Patricia is introduced to the readers. From the get-go an image of a compulsive and obsessive woman is created which makes us wonder if she is finally losing her mind, becoming DELUSIONAL. Meanwhile, the Hope Diamond which brings the bad luck to anyone who owns it is stolen. Not only was the thief able to beat a virtually fool proof security system but also left FBI dumbfounded. And then there is Paul Blast – handsome, intelligent and married to a very wealthy woman.
Paul loved his wife but he feels suffocated by her neediness and finds solace with Patricia. Even though his infidelity has been repeatedly justified through Patricia who feels so sorry for him and Paul who wishes for a simpler life, it is easier to sympathize with Paul’s wife Wendy who has been shown as evil incarnation.
“I gave you everything. EVERYTHING. And you acted like a spoiled brat.....I wasn’t enough for you. Just imagine how that made me feel, Paul?”
The story progression is very slow and it is very difficult to connect with the protagonist but Wendy on the other hand was a powerful character. She is smart, witty and a survivalist. Though one might sympathize with Patricia it is impossible to do the same with Paul.
He seems to have an abandonment issues. Whenever things became difficult he will just cut loose whether it’s with Samantha, Wendy or even Patricia. While chapters 1, 2, 8 and 50 of the novel are intriguing, the book itself is insipid.

Arushi Raj

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