Thursday, 30 October 2014

BRB – Beautiful Rebellious Brainiacs

Our principals and ideologies are a result of selections from a wide-ranged banquet of various philosophies and movements. Hence, as a magazine we cannot limit ourselves to one trend, one idea, one philosophy, one mode of expression and one language. True art is never confined in a box, it never conforms. This is why BRB – Beautiful Rebellious Brainiacs is a multilingual magazine that accepts works from varied genres. In the already extensive list of what we publish we have added the following
        i.            Manga or Comic Strip
      ii.            Reviews – Movie, Books, hotels, etc.
    iii.            Interviews – Author’s, Musician’s, etc. as long as YOU are the interviewer.

For any queries you can either message us on our Facebook Page BRB – Beautiful Rebellious Brainiacs or mail us on with subject line QUERIES.

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